Why I'm a Dog Trainer

It all started with a puppy....

I thrive on creating warm, welcome, and relaxing environments. A well-behaved family dog can contribute toward such in a positive way.  I was raised with pets, as were my children. After all, pets can provide excellent opportunities to teach children.  Having a loving and well-trained family dog can be a pleasure and benefit in life. We were diligent in training our dogs well and have fond memories of some very well behaved, loving, and intelligent dogs.

TerrierWhile I adore our Yorkie, Gracie, she is quite small and more suited as an indoor companion and lapdog. Once my husband and I became “empty-nesters,” my desire to have a larger dog again just wouldn’t go away. After a few months of research on the appropriate dog breed for our family, reviewing  goals for such companion (and convincing my husband), we applied for and brought home our eight-week old Adeline AKA “Addie”—a beautiful Hungarian Vizsla from What a View Farm.

Well, my husband warned that I should “be careful” getting a Vizsla. “W-h-y?” I asked? His response: “Because it is addicting!”. Oh my, how right he was! Before long we welcomed a second Vizsla gal into our home who was to become my husband’s companion and bird dog—Scout, from Goldstar Mini-Farm. To my surprise, the next thing I knew, we were BOTH enjoying hunting / field trial training and competitions, obedience training, dog shows, etc.


I enjoyed these activities so much and was intrigued by training. As a Rollins College Executive MBA graduate and busy working professional who needed a change from an intense and demanding position (glued to a computer), my next step was to learn more about the professional canine industry. After reading books and reaching out to one of Cesar Millan’s mentors, Martin Deeley, whom Cesar mentioned in one of this books—Martin encouraged that I join the IACP and attend the then upcoming conference in St. Louis, Missouri. Knowing this would be an excellent way to gain more industry knowledge and great training experiences for Addie (and for me!), we packed up and drove to attend. That event was life changing and solidified my decision to journey down the professional canine industry path.

Dog Trainer Carla Willingham-Richards

Dog Trainer Carla Willingham-Richards

A couple months later I attended the International School for Dog Trainer’s e-collar course, which was an excellent opportunity to learn the proper way to effectively and appropriately train with this communication tool. Having begun the year completely against this training tool (primarily based on the bad wrap it gets due to hands it may be placed in), Martin Deeley, James Hamm, and Patricia Tritcher were able to transform me into an advocate for proper use of this amazing tool (not for punishment, but instead in a manner that teaches the dog and allows it that “ah-ha” moment of success!).

Thanks to the professional networks fostered through the IACP and APDT, I’m grateful for the opportunity to have made some amazing friends and mentors in the professional canine industry that span across the country (and a few internationally).  Many thanks to Martin Deeley and Patricia Tritcher, Florida Dog Trainer and Orlando Dog Trainer; James Hamm, Lonestar Dog Trainer (Texas), Ben Cooper, and Jessica Lohry, “Top Dog” and Trainer, Caitlin Auer, of Dogwoods Lodge (Iowa). I’m honored for the knowledgeable and skilled mentors from whom I’ve learned various approaches—thanks to the range of dog breeds and cases that have come in—from shy and fearful, large, rambunctious, and downright defiant, to intelligent, attentive, and easy-going.

Before long, we relocated to a beautiful twenty-acre property, home, and training facility in the country. And thus, Golden View Farm, LLC and Golden View Dog Training, LLC are the result of the journey that all began with a puppy.

It is my hope to have an opportunity to help you and your family foster a wonderful environment and consistent training for your puppy or dog so that you may enjoy many pleasant and memorable moments to cherish for a lifetime.

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Carla Willingham-Richards Golden View Dog Training
Carla Willingham-Richards Golden View Dog Training
Carla Willingham-Richards Golden View Dog Training
Carla Willingham-Richards Golden View Dog Training

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