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Private Lessons


Basic Obedience Boarding School

Perfect for dog-lovers with busy lifestyles who would like to see significant results in a short period of time.

While basic obedience boarding school is one of the most thorough and effective training programs, if your canine companion has a strong foundation already or if you prefer to actively do the training, the Private Lessons option may be best for you.

Private lessons are perfect for people who:

  1. Are interested in actively training your dog and have some time to spare
  2. Have specific skills or problem behaviors they would like to work on
  3. Prefer one-on-one instruction to a group class
  4. Have a dog that would not do well in a class setting (fearful, aggressive, hyper, etc.)
  5. Want to learn to use a remote collar or other specific training tool

This program is perfect for clients with a busy lifestyle who would like to see significant results in a short period of time without having to do all the foundation work.

My three-week training program will teach your canine companion all foundation commands and allow you to focus on keeping up with your busy schedule. Since your dog will be staying with me during this period, he/she will receive two to four training sessions per day in a comfortable environment with loving care. This program is one of the most effective methods of training and will provide excellent results for you and your companion.

Initial One Hour Evaluation and Consultation – No Charge


Customized training package specific to your needs and goals


Training Session $100 per hour


Larger Packages Discounted


Allows your dog to stay in your home with intermittent professional lessons while you do the homework with your dog

Core Curriculum: Canine Manners and Basic Obedience Commands

dog bowl

Off-Leash Training

dog bowl

Socialization and Public Outings

dog bowl

Problem Prevention (Love of…)

dog bowl

Behavior Relief  / Extinguish Undesirable Behaviors


This option allows you to continue with your busy life while obedience training, public outings, and socialization is taken care of for you.


Lodging – For canine alumni who have successfully completed Puppy Best Start Boarding School, enjoy a worry-free vacation while your canine companion receives regular socialization, activities, and refresher training if needed. Lodging fees are paid separately at time of stay

Our trainer teaches here, sit, stay, down, place, heel, come on, leave it, drop it, go in the crate/kennel, load/unload from vehicle, etc.

Find items (keys, etc.), fetch, pick up the toys, play hide and seek, pray, open/close doors, roll-over, wave, crawl, jump, play fetch, speak, quiet, play dead, walk on two feet, bring the remote, ring a bell..…

In Home

Separation anxiety, jumping on people, nipping, potty training, boredom, digging, chewing, barking, whining, etc.

Out of Home

Not coming when called, pulling on leash, inappropriate behaviors, acclimating to people, children, other dogs, etc.

Carla Willingham-Richards Golden View Dog Training
Carla Willingham-Richards Golden View Dog Training
Carla Willingham-Richards Golden View Dog Training
Carla Willingham-Richards Golden View Dog Training

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